About us

Muun daycare was born out of Heidi and Stina's previous experience working together. They met in MTÜ Caritas Eesti, a non-profit where Heidi was working as a nanny and support person and where Stina went to work as a senior teacher after finishing her internship as a social worker.

Over many years of working with children and families at Caritas, we were introduced to the concept of Waldorf pedagogy. We found that for children in daycare, being away from home, this child-centric approach was the best way to help them acclimate to their new environment. As young mothers ourselves, we've tried to modernize where possible and also put some personal flair into our rooms, toys and environment.

At Muun, we use Stockmar art supplies - pure beeswax for sculpting, chalks and water colors, like many Waldorf schools and kindergartens around the world.